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NetWorth Realty of Inland Empire, Inc. is growing wealth in California by providing people across the Inland Empire area with the tools and expertise they need to succeed in the residential real estate market. Our specialists understand the ins and outs of the California market and are experts at locating undervalued properties in the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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Jorge Pruneda General Manager, Broker | 02072884

Jorge embarked on his journey with NetWorth Realty of Houston in 2011 after realizing that a traditional desk job did not fit with his long term goals. Majoring in Finance with a minor in Sales from the University of Houston provided a solid foundation for Jorge to jumpstart his career with NetWorth Realty and quickly advance as a top agent in just his second year on board with a promotion to Management in 2015. In 2018, Jorge was presented with the opportunity to spearhead a new office and selected the very challenging California market. NetWorth Realty of Inland Empire, Inc. opened its doors in October of 2018 and is quickly becoming a beacon for buyers seeking footing in the explosive California real estate market. Jorge has seen firsthand the volatility of the real estate market and has learned to find opportunity in even a cold market. He is proud to share that knowledge and experience with his agents and buyers.

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