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NetWorth Realty of Phoenix is growing wealth in Arizona by providing people across the Phoenix Metro Area with the knowledge and expertise that they need to succeed in this growing, wholesale residential real estate market. Our agents understand the Phoenix market, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and the surrounding areas, and are experts at finding undervalued properties in the region’s most desirable neighborhoods to flip or renovate and rent.

The Phoenix Real Estate Opportunity

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Aaron Cullitan Designated Broker | BR656267000

Aaron Cullitan is a real estate wealth-building expert. As the general manager of NetWorth Realty of Phoenix, Aaron and his team of licensed real estate specialists work tirelessly with each client to help them meet their real estate wealth-building goals. The NetWorth Realty of Phoenix team is constantly adding to our exclusive inventory of properties across Phoenix and Maricopa County and has the knowledge and resources to help everyone from first time house flippers to experienced real estate buyers get the most out of their properties.

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