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May 2017
Buy, Sell, Stay Informed
New CRM Platform Rollout
A new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is scheduled to roll out in the next few weeks! Manage client interactions while optimizing & systematizing relationships!
Get Connected
Advertising on social media sites like Facebook,LinkedIn, and Twitter is crucial in today's fast-paced virtual market place. To ensure continuity of our brand and that industry advertising guidelines are being met, NetWorth will be issuing templates and content guidelines for your social media needs
Stay Sharp
A library of training videos will soon be available.
Your Buyers like Options
New 212 loan programs have been released in all markets! If you are unsure of the terms of programs available for your office, please contact your General Manager.
Top Gun Rankings
1. Tim Ball
2. Ross Parks
3. Tanner Schmidt
4. Mike Aston
5. Van Blackman
6. Joshua Waring
7. Dennis Cole
8. Christopher Russell
9. Michael Ware
10. Amanuel Tsegaye
Loan Originator Rankings
1. Mark Smithey
2. Hunter Raisch
3. Job Estrada
4. Cody Williams
5. Hunter Hinson
6. Ian Riles
7. Kent Bordelon
8. Noah Viddal
9. Tanner Schmidt
10. Travis Wilcox
Rookie of the Year Rankings
1. Mark Smithey
Be A Better Agent
Talk about opportunity!
Joey Bell in Denver facilitated an amazing deal for one of his investors, grossing over $500K!

Purchase Price: $455K
Rehab Cost: $700K
ARV: $1.66 M
Sales Associate training is scheduled for June 25 - 27th in Austin. For questions or to register an associate, please contact Erica Gardner.
Associate of the Month
Tim Ball
Tim Ball has held onto the number 1 spot on Top Gun leader board for the past 4 months (all of 2017)!

Those who work with Tim know him as passionate and persistent. Tim's manager, Tony Caballero (Regional Manager- Dallas), has this to say about Tim's road to success:

"Tim is a believer in himself and the job he loves doing which means his certainty outweighs his uncertainty. That’s one of the keys to his success. He continues to follow up and do the little things that take him on a path that is less trodden. Tim is not afraid to be himself as we have all witnessed in one form or fashion (yes, pun intended!). If he doesn’t always get it right, he still stands back up. All of us fall down... winners continue to stand back up." - Tony Caballero

Tim is pictured above with his wife Terri.
Celebrating in Style!
The San Diego office broke both its deal count and volume record closing 8 deals for $179,000 in April. The top agents for the month celebrated at an iconic rooftop restaurant in downtown.
Celebrate, Honor, and Remember
Monday, May 29th is a special time to celebrate America's heroes.

Land of the free, because of the brave.
June Birthdays

Mark Bloom - Co-Owner NWR
Leslie Henderson - Director of Transactional Funding - USA
Kelly McClellan - Corp Assistant - USA
Jackson Guidry - Asst. RM - FTW
Jorge Pruneda - Asst. RM - HOU
Leslie Chavez-Grotsky - OC - AUS
Shannon Johnson - OC - DNVL
Bethany Vines - OC - SD
Ian Riles - Sr AA - SA
Anton Watt - AA - ATL
Job Estrada - AA - HOU
Matthew Beck - AA - PHX
Lester Valenzuela - AA - SA
Zap Martin - AA - SD
Casey Branch - SA - AUS
Matthew Tominson - SA - AUS
Kiley Cooper - SA - DL
Mark Smithey - SA - DL
Nick Roberts - SA - DL
Ben Saunders - SA - FTW
Derrick Kuppens - SA - PHX
El Juan Jones - Office Asst- LA

New Hires
Elizabeth Nguyen - OC - GLV
Viviana Martinez - SA - ATL
Dionte Shaw - SA - ATL
John Pettit - SA - DL
Benjamin Proctor - SA - DL
Gerusa De Moura - SA - SD
Sunita Maharaj - SA - TMP
Destin Samoeun - Real Estate Asst- LA
Patrick Blyth - Office Asst- LA