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Can You Really Profit from Flipping Houses with No Money?

By Keran Smith  |  Category: Blog

Flipping Houses With No Money

When it’s done right, rehabbing distressed real estate can be a great way to grow your own personal wealth. With the right tools, a bit of hard work and a clear understanding of the ever-changing market—real estate entrepreneurs can learn to flip houses and make a profit. However, just like any other business that promises a big payout to worthy buyers, flipping real estate can be very risky. With the right combination of tools and expertise, there’s no need to have a huge stockpile of assets to successfully get started flipping houses. Through our True Value Methodology, we help our buyers throughout the entire process from start to finish. We match our inventory of distressed off market properties with our buyers looking to unlock their true value to either place back onto the market or hold as a rental property. If you don’t have all of the necessary funds to purchase the property and make required renovations, we work with our exclusive lending partner, 212 Loans, to find a solution that works best for your situation.

The Truth Revealed: Can You Really Flip Houses with No Money?

Is flipping houses with no money really possible? Generally, yes. While there are a few different paths you can take with little or no money, the easiest and most effective way to start flipping homes is to combine forces and form a partnership with someone who has more experience. At NetWorth Realty, we work with our partners (that’s you!) to find the best solution regardless of your financial situation.

What if I Don’t Have Good Credit?

Typically a 650 FICO is required to obtain a loan that will allow you to get started flipping houses. If you have the required capital for a loan, but not the credit, you still have a few options. The easiest would be to talk to your network to find a partner with the required credit to help you qualify for a hard money loan. Another option would be to seek out the assistance of credit repair company that can help increase your score and ultimately allow you to qualify for a loan on your own.

What if I Don’t Have Cash OR Credit?

If you don’t have sufficient liquid assets and a 650 FICO, you still have an opportunity to qualify for a loan. In order to achieve this, we recommend for you to seek out an equity partner to work with that already has the necessary cash and the credit can help you secure your loan. If you cannot find an equity partner, our specialist can provide alternative options to help you raise the capital you need to get started flipping houses.

Build Your Own Wealth with NetWorth Realty

With our simple and effective methodology, we have successfully eliminated the stress buyers may come up against when trying to get started flipping houses. By eliminating bidding wars, providing endless expertise and resources to guide you through the process, and helping you determine the best exit strategy for your goals, NetWorth Realty is dedicated to providing buyers with the highest quality customer service and unmatched guidance in residential real estate. Your success is our success, so it is in our best interest to help show you that you can profit from flipping houses with no money.

Interested in learning more about how you can start flipping houses and build your net worth with the help of fix and flip loans? Don’t let a lack of money or credit keep you from pursuing your dreams. Talk to a NetWorth Realty specialist online today to learn more about building your net worth in the real estate industry.